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Fringe Re-Animates “Brown Betty”

April 6, 2011

Photo courtesy of Fox.

Back in November I ripped Fox programming execs a new asshole as I lambasted them for their lack of love for what is consistently the best show currently on television, Fringe. I’d like to think that they read my comments and are trying to do better, but I am doubtful I had anything to do with their slow, yet intricate turn to the good side. Capping off a slew of positive press and support they have given the show, was a 4th season pick-up (for a full 22-episode season). And now, while the show was scheduled to be off for a few weeks, they have dug into their vault and pulled out last spring’s film noir episode, “Brown Betty.”

As classic an episode a series can have, “Brown Betty” is a themed episode, a musical episode and it propels the plot forward. Other could learn from Fringe. I’m just sayin’. In addition to the brilliant episode, the marketing department – who has provided us with film-quality trailers all season long – does a bang-up job with the preview embedded below. Watch. Love. Re-live. Be ready for the next new installment (the first of four leading to the season finale).

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