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Jill Opens the Vault

April 4, 2011

photo source unknown

Lovely Day, Lovely Day, Lovely Day, Love-ly Day.

Today (April 4) is Jill Scott‘s birthday and in celebration her former home, Hidden Beach debuted her cover of Bill Withers‘ seminal hit “Lovely Day.” Apparently she has a slew of unreleased songs hidden “in the vault” over at Beach and they plan on releasing them sometime between now and when her new CD The Light of the Sun hits iTunes this summer. To me it sounds like a cheap attempt by greedy executives who want to squeeze the last bit they can out of Jill – and jump in front of her new release, stealing some of its thunder. But that’s just me. I won’t rain on this loveliest of days for Jilly from Philly. The title of the unreleased album is Just Before Dawn: Jill Scott from the Vault Vol. 1 and can be pre-ordered on the Hidden Beach website.

The song puts some classic Jill Scott stank on a record we all know and love. I like it. I think it definitely has potential to gain some traction. As far as Scott’s other debut today, “Shame,” her lead single off of Light…, featuring fellow Philly native Eve, came out today as well. Giving a completely different vibe, sound and experience, the new single is leading us to the new decade of Jill.


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