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Jackie’s Back: Game On!

March 28, 2011

photo courtesy of Showtime

Tonight, Edie Falco and friends return with Season 3 of Nurse Jackie. Picking up right where last season ended, Jackie has been confronted by her best friend Dr. O’Hara (Eve Best) and husband Kevin (Dominic Fumusa) for alleged prescription drug addiction. Jackie being Jackie, she quickly brushes it to the side and counter attacks. This season will cover the fall-out. Bringing O’Hara and Kevin together makes for an interesting dynamic as the two have never really played nice in the past. Jackie, the queen of separation of home and work, has done a magnificent job of maintaining two completely distinct worlds. Unfortunately for her – but luckily for viewers – those worlds are going to collide, as more of her secrets are revealed.

At a luncheon held last week in Manhattan, Best and Fumusa sat down with journalists (and yours truly, feeling like I was somebody) to discuss the current season and trajectory of the series. Joining them were Stephen Wallem (Thor) and the absolutely amazing Merritt Wever (Zoey). I immediately told Wever about my Emmy campaign for her last season and she (in typical Zoey fashion) turned herself into a pretzel and blushed as she said thanks. It was cute. And now let me officially begin this year’s Emmy campaign. FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION: MERRITT WEVER FOR BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS IN A COMEDY. There. If you’re not down with this campaign, kick rocks and quit reading. Go watch Two and a Half Men or something equally as mind-numbing. This post is for the smart people.

And back to our regularly scheduled conversation about one of the best shows on television. While the storyline for Falco, the always impeccably dressed Best (sorry, but I needed to say it somewhere. This lady is always dressed for the gods.) and Fumusa will be heavy, addressing the drug abuse that is central to the show, people like Wallem, Wever, the incomparable Anna Deavere Smith (Akalitus) and Peter Facinelli (Dr. Cooper) carry the funny side of this comedy series. With a much more graphic description of Zoey’s love life than any one of us every expected – or wanted; Akalitus’ newfound obsession with Michelle Obama; an unlikely friendship between Thor and Cooper; and many more, we need not worry about the comedy subsiding in this darkest of comedies. In fact, I would say that the season opener, which was directed by none other than Steve Buscemi, by the way) is one of the funniest episodes they have produced.

I will have more throughout the season, with bits from my luncheon with the cast, but for now, sit back and enjoy tonight’s episode. Laugh. Cry. Throw your shoe at the TV whenever Merritt Wever is on. Curse at Jackie for – and I quote – “breaking O’Hara’s heart.” And then come back next week.

Again, Nurse Jackie, season 3, tonight on Showtime at 10 PM, EST, followed by United States of Tara (we’ll tackle that one tomorrow).

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  1. March 28, 2011 6:37 PM

    you bastard!! I just watched the previous season over last weekend. Can’t wait for this.

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