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Fringe RENEWED!!!

March 24, 2011

… and in the greatest news ever column…
Fox has made the inspired decision to pick up Fringe for a fourth – full 22 episode – season. Despite being thrown to the proverbial wolves on Thursday nights at the beginning of Season 3 and then being switched to the graveyard that is Friday night, the show has been churning out one exceedingly brilliant episode after another. Critics and fans alike have joined together to champion the beleaguered science fiction-with-a-heart drama, generating a deafening buzz of support. Apparently Fox recognized that. Tonight, executive producer J.H. Wyman announced via Twitter, ““Fringe was picked up. Thanks Fringedom!”


This gives the show even more momentum going into their season finale. With each episode of the series digging deeper and deeper into the mythology of Fringe – with its multiple universes, mutant beings, doppelgängers, end-of-the-world theories – we only stand to receive a bigger payoff. And, with the work being done by the actors – John Noble (Walter/Walternate) has long been lauded for his portrayal of the frazzled scientist/determined leader, but now Anna Torv (Olivia/Fauxlivia/William Bell), who was so… blah… when the show first came on the air, has stepped her game up for not two, but three roles; one of which is – seriously – channeling Leonard Nimoy (she has the tonal inflections down.) Please, somebody give this woman an Emmy/SAG Award/Golden Globe.

Only time will tell what happens next, but for those of you who have been on the roller coaster with me, go ahead and pull a Savannah Jackson and exhale.

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