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Return to the Scene of the Crime

February 22, 2011

photo credit: Los Angeles Time

and Fox: I have to give credit where it’s due; I have hated on Fox for a minute now due to what I saw as a lack of support of the science fiction show. That being said, I am impressed with the way in which they have been acting since the decision to move the show to Friday nights. Intelligent, almost movie-like trailers have been produced, the number of interviews has seemingly quadrupled and the fans are energized and together in the push to keep this deserving show alive.

This week’s episode promises to be one of the best in a season that is trending toward brilliant. Digging deep into the show’s mythology, we are taken back to the aftermath of last season’s breakout episode, “Peter.” In “Return to the Scene of the Crime,” we see how the young boy reacts to his kidnapping and even scenes from a young Olivia and Peter as they interacted way back when. Speaking of the mythology, I am going to explain it in the next paragraph. If you don’t want to know, stop reading and hit play on the video. If you don’t – but want to – know what is going on, continue reading.

This week’s episode is a pivotal one, especially for new(er) viewers. But here, from a guy who doesn’t miss an episode, is the breakdown: this series is basically about a man whose son dies as a child. The man is a brilliant scientist dealing with fringe science and knows that there is another universe, just like ours, where the same little boy is just as sick as his son. The scientist discovers the cure for the sick boy, creates a way to travel to the other universe and kidnaps the kid. Initially, it is to make him healthy again, but he never returns him. Now, the two universes are threatening to implode, as the balance has been upset for twenty years. The scientist is fighting to keep “his” son and his doppelgänger on the other side (there, he’s the Secretary of Defense) is fighting to get his back. That is the heart of Fringe. Now you know.

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