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Game Change Over There

February 11, 2011

photo credit: Fox

I don’t have a clue what’s going to happen in tonight’s episode of Fringe, but the producers have been everywhere dropping hints and talking about a game-changer. As anyone who’s ever seen one of Bad Robot Productions‘ “game-changer” episodes knows, this is not a group who over-sells. If you don’t remember LOST‘s hatch or Alias‘ bringing down of SD-6, then prepare yourself. Something BIG is going to happen tonight.


The episode, set “Over There,” will kick off what the producers are promising to be a wild ride until the season finale. With their fate still in jeopardy, it’s interesting to see just how balls to the wall this show will go. If the past is any indication, there is nothing that we shouldn’t expect: anything can happen. And I will be right here on the sofa, watching every second. What about you?

Below, a sneak peek at a scene from “Immortality.”

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