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Washington Headlining Rhimes’ New Project; Short On Board as Well

February 9, 2011

photo credit: unknown

Viewers did not give Undercovers enough love to keep it afloat beyond the first half of a season, but let’s cross our fingers that where JJ Abrams failed Shonda Rhimes will prevail. By casting the stunning and luminous Kerry Washington and phyne phyne phyne Columbus Short as the leads in her new (still unnamed) pilot for ABC, she has floated out the concept of a drama with two African American leads. The series, which will be based on the life of infamous PR guru Judy Smith (who worked with President George H. Bush, Monica Lewinsky, Michael Vick and Clarence Thomas, among others), will focus in on Washington, who’s character Olivia Price is a professional “fixer.” Short will play a lawyer on her team. So, technically, this is a series about kerry Washington’s Olivia Price – clearly very female-driven, which will fit in well with ABC’s current slate of programming.  It feels like something that will provide Washington a worthwhile project to use for her first foray into television.

photo credit: unknown

The remainder of the show will be cast colorblind, which if you’ll notice, Rhimes does well.


More to come…


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