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Valverde On Time for Love Day

February 7, 2011

Let’s talk about Ra-Re Valverde. With a voice as beautiful as the Sirens of Greek mythology, minus the murderous bird part obviously, Valverde is one of the music industry’s true under-rated artists. While doing back ground vocals and writing songs for artists such as Rahsaan Patterson, Erykah Badu, Jill Scott, Jennifer Lopez, etc., she wrote, recorded and self-released her own project, A Beautiful Mess. She is one of those artists that allows her listeners to just close their eyes and let her voice carry them to wherever their heart desires.

As an ode to “Love Day,” as she referred to it, Valverde has released a free download of her new song “On Time.” It will be available here until Valentine’s Day. Now, if you haven’t heard Valverde sing before, let me clarify… her vocals are like a 25-year old scotch:  for some, an acquired taste, but once you have experienced the delicious, honey-tinged notes, full and rich, enticing, intoxicating, drawing you in, you succomb and appreciate the pure awesomeness  of Valverde’s voice. I am in love with this song. Pretty appropriate for “Love Day,” no?

Ra-Re Valverde “On Time” | Download


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