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The Game Breaks BET Records

January 12, 2011
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Meagan Good & Hosea Chanchez

Take that CW! The ratings are in and the new BET version of The Game broke BET records last night. With 7.7 million viewers, it stands as the number one original telecast on the network and the number two of all time (behind the Michael Jackson-fueled 2009 BET Awards).Ratings for the previous three seasons on The CW were (in millions) 2.3, 2.35 and 1.75, respectively. To put it in perspective, those are The Closer numbers. According to reports from the cast, BET showered them with praise, giving them a full-court marketing presence over the past few weeks. Talk shows, the TCA tour, you name it, they were there. According to show creator Mara Brock Akil, “All of the things that we didn’t get over there [at CW], we’re getting at BET.” Interesting how well a show can do when it is given support, huh?

The Game also had an amazing presence on twitter, with at one point the whole Top Ten trending topics were about The Game, The Game characters, etc. Clearly, the fan base was alive and kicking during the show. Now, the question is how much of that 7.7 million will they be able to retain? With the build-up for the show, clearly there was a lot of upfront interest. Brock Akil and her cast will need to cross their fingers – and deliver some out-of-the-park storytelling to maintain. To be fair, the storylines all seemed true to the characters, the plots that were introduced last night, compelling and there should be plenty of people tuning in next week.

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