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Game ON! The Return of The Game

January 1, 2011

photo credit: BET

With BET running a weekend-long marathon of The Game for New Year’s, things are finally starting to heat up for the long-delayed fourth season. As you probably remember, back in 2008, The CW decided to start only showing series that cater to teenage white girls do away with thrity-minute shows. In doing so, The Game had very little wiggle room. In a bold move, series creator Mara Brock Akil approached the network about turning the sitcom into an hour-long dramedy along the likes of Ugly Betty or Desperate Housewives. The season/series finale was just that. Unfortunately, that episode did not generate a significant enough bump, ratings-wise, to help the show.

The fans, while few in number, were very loyal and started a campaign to get the series picked up by another network – they looked directly at BET, which airs The Game in syndication. Fast forward to current-day. The Game will start airing season 4 on Tuesday, January 11.

The series will pick up two years after the last episode. A few notes:
Tasha becomes Derwin’s manager and his career blows up.
Melanie gets caught up in being the wife of a star player.
Kelly and Jason are divorced and she is starring in a reality show and full of herself.
Melanie looks ridiculous in the promos.
Kelly’s short hair looks horrible.
The guys all look phyne fine.
Tasha looks amazing.


Below, a blink-and-you-miss-it promo currently being aired for the show.

… And some behind-the-scenes links that are available on the BET website. They’re worth watching.

BET Videos

BET Videos


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