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joe’s favorite things: Scrumptious Jellies by Laura Jo™

December 22, 2010

When I was a kid, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches were the norm, much like for many of you. But rather than Welch’s Grape, we would be eating flavors like pear or apple. Sometimes peach, if we were good.

My mama has spent her life in the kitchen: testing, trying, creating, making. One of her most successful endeavors has been her consistently delicious jellies. With an array of flavors that vary from year to year, we grew up eating some of the best stuff on earth (take that, Snapple). Eventually, she started selling her jellies, helping to pay for the three kids to go to college. She’s a good old mama, isn’t she? My daddy sold lots (and lots) to his co-workers. He’s a good old daddy, himself.

Scrumptious Jellies by Laura Jo™ is one of my favorite things. This season’s flavors include: red plum, pear, blackberry, elderberry and crabapple. Made from fruits raised on my parents’ farm in Tennessee, they are completely all-natural (we were all-natural, farm-raised, blah blah blah way before that became cool. I remember hating brown eggs because I thought they made us look poor), organic, preservative-free and all of that good stuff. They come in half-pint jars.

red plum $6
pear $6
blackberry $6
elderberry $6
crabapple $6
combination set of all 5 flavors: $25

Realistically, no matter how you eat the jellies, they are delicious. On a PB&J, or slathered  on a fresh, hot biscuit. Use it to glaze your ham, or to sweeten your BBQ sauce… Scrumptious Jellies by Laura Jo™ are, quite simply put, damn good. If you would like to order jars, or if you have questions, send an email and get the conversation going. There is no order form, this isn’t a big corporation. You will literally talk to my mama. And she will send you the good stuff. I hope you enjoy.

*Minimum $20 order. Shipping surcharges will apply.

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