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joe’s favorite things: Caymus Conundrum

December 21, 2010

photo credit: ulterior epicure, july 2009

Wine. Wine makes everything better. Whether you like red or white, sweet or dry, in a bottle or in a box. Tip it like Maggie Griffin and call it a day. I like… hmmm… most wines. Well, except for the bad ones. I’m not a fan of white zinfandel. Or blushes. Or dessert wines. But give me a good pinot noir or sauvignon blanc and life is good.


Specifically, I am a fan of Caymus Vineyards’ Conundrum wine. Conundrum is a California wine that is a blend of muscat canelli, muscat, sauvignon blanc, viognier and chardonnay grapes. The exact mix is proprietary, so part of the “conundrum” when drinking the wine is figuring out exactly what you’re drinking. The grapes are not from a centralized region of California; rather they are gathered from along the entire coastline of the state. The flavor profile for Conundrum gives slight notes of peach and honeysuckle, some guava, pear and melon, with a hint of vanilla.


Pour yourself a nice glass of Conundrum, put Badu‘s Live album on, sit back and enjoy your evening. If you’re somewhere with nice weather, open the windows and go sit on the porch/terrace/balcony/lanai/whatever outdoor seating you have and… exhale. Then have a bottle or two.


Go to your local wine store and ask for it. For those of you in Harlem, my favorite wine locale, Harlem Vintage does carry it. Go see my girl Jai Jai and tell her I sent you!
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