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Target’s Music Hits the Spot

December 17, 2010

Target’s marketing department has long had a way of choosing delicious background music for their commercials. I remember very clearly googling “a little bit more target commercial” back in 2007 in response to this catchy-ass clip from Jamie Lidell.



And then again in 2008 for “Brand New Day” by Tim Myers, featuring Lindsey Ray.



There have been others, but specifically this holiday season I noticed two that had me running back to Google. The first one is by Blackalicious. It’s the commercial with the kids opening presents from Santa, but the visual is run backwards. The song? “Toy Jackpot.”



The second is from my girl Imani Coppola as a part of her group Little Jackie (LOVE LOVE LOVE their album). The song, “Mrs. Claus Ain’t Got Nothin’ On Me,” features SuperMom tackling the holidays with ease.



And now… now, I find that Target has a whole site to go download these songs (at least the holiday ones). Which makes me very happy. And who doesn’t like Happy Joe? I certainly do. There are lots of songs there. Go make your own CD for the holidays.

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