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100,000 Glasses of Water on the Floor

December 10, 2010

While I was actually fond of the home-video aspect of the original video that accompanied the release of Adele‘s new single, “Rolling in the Deep,” she has gone a step further and created a masterful piece of visual art to coincide with the song.

This isn’t the first time Adele has captured our imaginations with video. Remember how we thought we loved “Chasing Pavements” and then realized we really loved it when the video came out? It remains one of my favorite videos ever produced. The new one is pretty freakin’ impressive in its own right.

Filled with imagery of a house in disarray (broken dishes, home remodeling gone awry), Adele sits in her chair, singing her heart out, as if she were doing something as commonplace as threading a needle. That is, with the exception of a moment at around 2:40 minutes into the video, in which she seems to realize that the song is hot and starts to move her shoulders along with the beat. I love an artist who takes themselves seriously. But not too seriously.

And, lest I forget: the part of the video that had me pressing the restart button 3 times is that room full of glasses, each half-full (or half-empty?), vibrating with the beat of the song. It was a brilliant move, thematically as well as aesthetically. People will be talking.


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