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joe’s favorite things: Myoshi: The EP

December 9, 2010

Back in the day – before Oprah started her Favorite Things list, I was doing my own at Williams-Sonoma. I remember how it came about so organically, as I was explaining to one customer why I loved the ball whisk (if you don’t have one, get your ass down to Williams-Sonoma and rectify that situation as soon as you finish reading my post). The next thing I know, I have 2 other ladies saying they want one. And then, they asked what else I loved. The next thing you know, I was, literally, putting together baskets of my favorite cooks’ tools, etc. and selling them like crazy.


I’m no longer working with Sonoma, but I am definitely still full of opinions. So, I will periodically be sharing some of my favorite things throughout the remainder of the year. This is, after all, gift-giving season.

The very first selection is…

Myoshi: The EP by Myoshi Marilla

A simple five-song collection of jazz music infused with a healthy does of rock/soul, Myoshi: The EP is the perfect collection to play for the following activities:

  • while lying on the sofa with the one you love
  • while entertaining at any given dinner party
  • while converting oxygen into carbon dioxide
  • while in the car
  • while at the job
  • while relaxing in a Calgon-esque bath, with lots of bubbles
  • while making out the grocery list
  • while making out
  • while making babies
  • while relaxing from taking care of said babies
  • while staring listlessly out the window, remembering a montage of scenes from your life

… and so many more.

See? She's even gorgeous in the iPhone picture!

The project is a mere $4.95 on iTunes. That’s four dollars and ninety-five cents. Every single human you know should have one in their stocking this year for Christmas. Or… hmm… what is the Hanukah equivalent to a stocking? You get the picture. Go order a whole slew of them. The music beautiful (great instrumentation) and Myoshi’s voice is gorgeous. Which makes sense. Have you seen her? Matches her face. And persona. Actually, come to think of it, she is an all-around gorgeous person. Seriously.


Now, go buy the EP. Get extras while you’re at it. Your friends will thank you.



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