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Fringe Thrown to the Wolves

November 20, 2010

Photo: Michael Courtney/FOX

Those sons of fucking whores. Yeah, I said it. Fox and their entertainment president, Kevin Reilly, can – in the immortal words of the extremely articulate Kathy Griffin – suck it. In a move that made me thoroughly excited, Fox has decided to move television’s number one show, American Idol, to Wednesdays and Thursdays for the upcoming season. Immediately, I was ecstatic, because that surely meant that it would become a lead-in to the best show on television, Fringe. Right? Wrong. The brain surgeons at Fox, who have long proclaimed their support for Fringe, have now decided to send it over to Friday nights. Because that’s always been a good night for airing shows that appeal to an adult demographic.

So here’s the way it works: American Idol will air their performance shows on Wednesdays and the results show the following night. Traditionally, the results shows draw higher ratings and a goldmine of viewers for whatever show comes on afterward. Instead of Fringe, which has been suffering silently in the hardest time slot in network television and deserves recognition for “taking one for the team,” they will air Bones. No offense to Bones, but give me a mutha-effin’ break. Seriously?

Reilly, clearly an intellectual, had this to say: “Fringe has an unbelievably loyal audience and shows heavy DVR use. If it keeps doing what it’s doing now [on Thursdays], Fringe will stay on the air. Our Fridays have been a problem for us and we hope Fringe is the solution.” Yeah, yeah, yeah. Whatever, dude. You shipped Olivia and crew over to the graveyard that is Friday nights, proving all of that support you have claimed to have for the show was just that – for show.

I will continue to watch. I suggest you do too. This is probably the last season.


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