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Raise Your Glass to Pink!

November 4, 2010

Pink has been, is and always will be one of my favorite artists. I love the beauty of her voice: the texture, the tongue-in-cheek self-aware point of view she always seems to put out there and – and this is a big one – she sings songs that have some real meat to them. Her latest, the first single (and obligatory new song) on her retrospective album (out November 16), Greatest Hits… So Far!!!, follows her tradition. “Raise Your Glass” is an anthem for the “different” folks of the world, telling them to embrace whatever it is that makes them different. In an era where that doesn’t seem as acceptable – at times – than it did in the past, I applaud her for that.


The new album will contain some of my favorite songs of the past decade, showcasing what an underrated talent Pink really is. The track listing s below. And, below that is the official music video for “Raise Your Glass.”


1. Get The Party Started
2. There You Go
3. Don’t Let Me Get Me
4. Just Like A Pill
5. Family Portrait
6. Trouble
7. Stupid Girls
8. Who Knew
9. U + Ur Hand
10. Dear Mr. President Featuring Indigo Girls
11. So What
12. Sober
13. Please Don’t Leave Me
14. Glitter In The Air
15. Raise Your Glass
16. Fucking Perfect


Pink, “Raise Your Glass”

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