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Obamas in David’s Camp

October 29, 2010

First, he was endorsed by then-First Lady-elect Michelle Obama in Marie Claire Magazine. Then, earlier this week, President Obama himself gave Anthony David a shout out while being interviewed on The Ricky Smiley Morning Show. Can you ask for better spokespeople? Let’s hope those commendations work some magic as David preps the early 2011 release of his newest project As Above, So Below.

In the meantime, however, David has chosen to release a live recording he recently did in Atlanta’s renowned Sambuca Jazz Café (my old stomping grounds – damn, I’d love one of their gorgonzola salads right now). With seven tracks, the live recording – dubbed The Setup – includes a mix of old favorites and new releases. Fellow ATLien Algebra steps in to join David on their single “4evermore” and he apparently does a mash up of “Kinfolk” and “Georgia Peach,” two of my favorites.

Anthony David and I recently discussed his new project, etc., for a piece I did on him for Bleu Magazine. It’s not out yet, but some excerpts that didn’t make that pre-ordained word-count cut:
joseph riley land: You’re working with the talented [frequent India.Arie collaborator] Shannon Sanders on the new studio album. Is he producing the entire project?
Anthony David: All of my projects have to have ONE producer who brings the sound of all the different songs together. I may get music from different people, but that one person, along with me, adds elements and focus on all the songs together to make sure they all have something in common and deserve to be on the same album. There are tracks from other people, and some that I did solely on my own, but Shannon and Drew (Ramsey) bring in all of those elements, that I don’t have, to make it complete, and bring it home.

jrl: You only did one album with Universal. And, although you were signed to a major, your vibe has remained that of an independent artist: you work hard on your own behalf to promote your music and your shows. Do you feel more comfortable with Purpose?
AD:The deal with Universal was pretty much just that. A deal. I’ve always maintained that Major or Indie is no big deal; it’s about the individuals you work with. I dealt with good people at Universal, and when they moved positions, I found some other individuals to work with. They were just at another label.
jrl: You used to have a strong presence on twitter. You were interacting with fans, using it as a springboard for new music, etc. To me, it seemed that you had latched on to the perfect commercial use of the system. What happened?
AD: Yeah, I fired twitter [laughs]. I think that’s just too much, and it lends itself to me voicing my crankier side, which people who do not know me intimately should not be exposed to too much [laughs some more]. They just wouldn’t get it. I don’t speak well in soundbites. Something that I say might be totally misconstrued. It happened to India recently, and I could totally see it happening to me as well, cuz I have shit to say sometimes when the world don’t go my way – which is a lot. This is why I write songs, so I can express a complete thought,and you can hate it or love it when I’m done, but it’s my complete thought.
The rest of the interview will be in the Fall issue of Bleu Magazine, out… any day now. Pick it up on newstands anywhere.

Below, the President’s comments, followed by the live recording of “Let Me In,” the first single off As Above, So Below (and The Setup). And remember, if you didn’t follow my previous link to get your own copy of the live EP – it’s only $5.99; get 2 or 3 of them and share – go do that now.

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