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Fringe: It Keeps Getting Better

October 7, 2010

In keeping with my season-long push to get people to watch the woefully under-appreciated [and decidedly under-viewed] piece of art that is broadcast across the nation on Thursday nights (9PM EST) on FOXFringe – I give you my weekly scene snippet from tonight’s episode, along with commentary from the cast. It lasts 52 seconds. I promise you can spare that much time this morning. And, if you like what’s going on, skip CSI and give the best show on TV a chance.

The Thursday night at 9 [EST] timeslot is and has been for quite some time the pinnacle of TV viewership. Look no further than two of TV’s top-rated hits, CBS’ CSI and ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy, both airing at that time. Add in NBC’s The Office, also a strong player, and you have the busiest hour on TV. Last season FOX added Fringe to the fray in a bold programming move. To say that it has been a success would be a lie. To say that it was a colossal blunder would also be a lie. The numbers are weak, but Fringe has created a nice foothold. In the process, the show has also found itself: the acting, writing, production have all gelled into the promise we all saw when JJ Abrams first pitched the show to FOX. What started off as a really cool-seeming, yet hard to follow concept show has morphed into pure brilliance. And with that, they are tying in many of the previous storylines that had me scratching my head when they first aired. Yes, it is that good.

So… here’s the video. Watch it. Again, only 52 seconds. Then, watch Fringe tonight. You can catch CSI OnDemand.

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