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Fringe Sneak Peak

September 29, 2010


Here you go, Fringe fans: a snippet of this week’s episode, “The Box,” with commentary by cast members and the production team. THis week’s episode is set in “our” universe, so be prepared to see what kind of havoc Fauxlivia will be creating.

And while we’re at it… last week’s episode sealed it’s fate: as far as I am concerned, Fringe stepped up to the plate, dusted off its shoes, got a good stance and hit a home run. In doing so, they accepted LOST‘s mantle as the smartest, most convoluted, DVRable and eagerly-awaited show of the week.

PS – Anna Torv for Best Actress. I have already started the campaign.


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  1. Randall permalink
    September 29, 2010 3:55 PM

    Im gonna have to start watching this show; I wasn’t into LOST and I still miss X-FILES! YASS!

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