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Henry’s Love Letter to Badu

September 27, 2010

Henry, Badu

Erykah Badu tweeted the birth of her youngest child. She is, clearly, a fan of the forum. So, it makes sense that NY-based singer Nakia Henry has started a Twitter campaign to get @fatbellybella [aka Badu] to grant permission for her to officially release her new song “Love Letter (He Wants Me To Win),” which contains a sample of a live version of Badu’s “Other Side of the Game.”

Henry is still pushing her debut project, Remember Me, but also working on the follow-up, with “Love Letter” set as the first single. IF she is granted permission, that is. I have embedded the song below. Listen. If you like, feel free to download. Also, feel free to send @fatbellybella a message on @AfromanticNakia’s behalf. I did.


***** UPDATE *****


As of today [10/01/10], Henry’s song is suddenly on, holding steady at #3! Behind, of all people, Kanye and D’Angelo. Go vote. Show our girl some love. There’s a big number in red on the right-hand side with a thumbs up and thumbs down beside it. Click the thumbs up. You know you are feelin’ this shit. Here’s the link




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