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Top Chef Announces All-Star Edition

September 23, 2010

Okay, so I was pretty on-the-money when it came to the no-longer “so-called” Top Chef All-Stars. Last night during the season 7 reunion show, they announced that it is going to happen and five of my suggestions made it on the show. To be fair, I only named six (because I incorrectly considered that they might bring back all former winners, taking up seven of the slots). That being said, damn I’m good.

The cast:

From Season 1
Stephen Asprinio
Tiffani Faison

From Season 2
Elia Aboumrad
Marcel Vigneron

From Season 3
Dale Levitski
Casey Thompson
Tre Wilcox

From Season 4
Richard Blais
Antonia Lofaso
Spike Mendelsohn
Dale Talde

From Season 5
Carla Hall (Hootie-Hoo!)
Jamie Lauren
Fabio Viviani

From Season 6
Jennifer Carroll
Michael Isabella

From Season 7
Tiffany Derry
Angelo Sosa

I’m not sure why Season 4 has four people and Kevin Gillespie from the Emmy-winning season 6 was not included, but I am excited to see Season 3’s Tre Wilcox who seemed to be on a roll when he unexpectedly got cut from the competition. I am also happy to see Season 5’s crazy as catshit (in the most endearing way – I absolutely love this woman) Carla Hall (Hootie-Hoo!). Part Joan Clayton, part… somebody else, she is freakin’ hilarious. I literally cannot type her name without my fingers taking over and adding the “(Hootie-Hoo!)” at the end. It’s like saying “Larry King” without adding “Live” at the end. You know what I mean.

So, who’s going to win? Richard Blais is brilliant. TIffani Faison, while a bit of a grating reality TV stereotype, is apparently a phenomenal chef who has a following. Angelo Sosa probably would have won Season 7 had he not spent the first day of the finale sick in bed. I spent a whole season being impressed with Jennifer Carroll‘s cooking before she was cut in the most talented season yet (Season 5; we’ve covered that). And… if you read the blog I posted last week, you know that I love and adore the obviously talented Tiffany Derry.

I will save my predictions until closer to the December 1st premiere. In the meantime, Hootie-Hoo!

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  1. kateria permalink
    September 27, 2010 10:05 AM

    Hey there
    I am terrible with names, but I do recall that Spike wasn’t an All Star to me. You know how I feel about arrogant contestants…(cough cough Michael Ciarello??)

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