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The Road Not Taken

September 13, 2010

Fringe fever is building – less than two weeks until the new season begins – and the teasers just keep coming. Below is a clip from the writers and cast of the show, discussing season 3 and the collision of the two worlds. “Over There” will take center stage this season, with episodes alternating between our world and theirs. I love figuring out the details in the differences in the two worlds. Honestly, I sit there and my eyes dart around the room, trying to get as many as I can, like it’s one of those “circle the differences” games that come in the newspaper. Yes, this is science fiction, but the good kind, like the dearly beloved, may it rest in peace LOST. There is nothing else on television like Fringe. I know it’s stuck in a crappy timeslot, but CSI is getting long in the tooth and 30 Rock has been moved to 8:30. Set the DVR at least and watch it on Saturday afternoon.

To the fans: you will love this.
To the people who stumbled across this post: watch the video anyway; it’s just two minutes and fifty-one seconds. You might discover something that impresses you.


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