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Cee-Lo F**ks Up

September 3, 2010


Lightning in a bottle: that’s what they call it. Have you ever tried to catch/create/find that shit? It’s pretty difficult. It’s organic, and even the most well-timed, meticulous recipe can fail. That’s why it’s so enigmatic when it does happen. Cee-lo Green caught his lightning in a bottle with the video for his new single, “Fuck You,” with its simplistic, colorful cue cards of the song’s lyrics flashing across the screen. Racking up more than 4 million views on youtube the week of its release, the video has been featured on virtually every entertainment news show, blog, you name it in the universe.

And then, in a move that can only be described as stupid, I mean overly-calculated, scratch that: let’s go with poorly thought-out, Green and Company released an “official” version of the video earlier this week. As a Cee-lo fan since the days of Goodie MOb, I was torn: be honest or continue shining love on one of my favorites? I slept on it a couple of days and can tell you… I really do not care for this “official” video. In fact, I think it sucks the life out of the song itself. Whereas the original was fun and exciting, in contrast to the song’s topic, this version amps up the cornball and lets the “Fuck You” quotient fly high, all the while wringing out any shred of excitement the song had left.

In trying to build upon the hype of the original, Green manages to disappoint one of his most vocal admirers. Sad.

Here’s the crappy version:



and the far superior original:


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