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Little Boxes

August 23, 2010

Tonight’s Weeds reminded me of two things:

I miss Conrad (Romany Malco).

And Helia (Tonye Patano).

And Celia (Elizabeth Perkins).

And even Isabelle (Allie Grant).

And I hate the current opening titles.

I guess that’s five things. I’m a writer, not a mathematician. I wonder what mathematicians actually do. Offtrack. Sorry. I’m back. Yes, I miss the old crew. I am not a fan of the potential Nancy/Andy pairing when Nancy/Conrad was so much better. I still applaud them for allowing the storyline to develop naturally, but… good old days…

Anyway, the two things I started to list when I say down at the computer were missing Conrad and those shitty-mcshit new opening titles. Remember Little Boxes? Well, I dug up this gem, with Malco putting his spin on it. Don’t bother entering the contest at the end of the video. It was from 2007.


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  1. September 5, 2010 4:53 PM

    I was ran across this post doing a search for Weeds & Conrad and everything you mention, I totally agree. It is really sad that I missed out on Weeds in the beginning, just started the show last month, but I’m caught up now and I even though it has only been a month, I miss Conrad and Heylia. I read that this “might” be the last season (nothing official from Showtime), but if that is true, then they really need to be the original cast back (Celia, Dean, Isabelle, Conrad and Heylia) for one final send off.

    Yes, the show does feel like it is a natural storyline. It would have gotten a bit overthetop for Nancy to continue to have gotten away with some of the shit she was, but nevertheless, the old days were the better days for the show. I miss Agrestic and the simplicity of the show from the first two, two and a half seasons.

    It is funny that you mention Little Boxes. In the beginning, I absolutely hated that damn song. I find the original version annoying. But in Season Two or Three, whichever season had a different version each episode, now that was cool. I especially like the version from “He Taught Me to Drive-By.”

    • September 6, 2010 2:06 AM

      Seems that we’re on the same page. Love the version from “…Drive By.” I was doing a blog where you could vote for your favorite, but i cannot link the videos to my site for some reason.

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