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Dolly + Latifah = Joyful Noise

August 21, 2010

In what I consider a brilliant casting decision, Alcon Entertainment has lined up two of the world’s most entertaining performers, Dolly Parton and Queen Latifah, to headline their new film, Joyful Noise. If you don’t like either of these women, stop reading now and go … I don’t know, but get away from me. You’re odd. Parton, at 367 years old, has more charisma coming out of her pinky toe than 97% of the people with an IMDB page. And Latifah has managed to lift up even the worst script. Both of them come across as easily accessible and someone you could invite over for dinner and they would actually come. And maybe lend a hand with the dishes.

Latifah, Parton

The film itself sounds like… whatever.* But, with these two as the leads, I have a feeling we will still be entertained. I can’t wait to hear the soundtrack.

* Oh, you wanted the plot? Dolly’s husband, a gospel choir director, dies and leaves the kids in a lurch. Dolly and Latifah (who has two kids in the choir) take over.

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