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“Love,” Darius-Style

August 16, 2010

Darius Booker, with Gloria Ry'ann

Remember the first time you ever heard one of your favorite artists singing? How you got chill bumps, how you got lost in the song? I do. Very clearly, for most. Kind of haze-like for others.


When I first moved to NYC, I went to a show at Crash Mansion. Emily King was the headliner. Lydia Caesar did a couple of songs as well. And… then this guy came out and outsang Musiq Soulchild on his own song. I did not catch his name, but it really bothered me that I had missed him. Fast forward maybe… a year or so. Maybe less. I go to an ONUTSS (that’s One Nation Under the Soul Shack for you non-NYC indie music fans) event downtown and meet this guy named Darius. We’re hanging out afterwards, going to meet his friends Vivian and Kateria, but we keep missing them because they can’t stay in one place. Yeah, I said it.


We finally link up and make our way to the Village Underground. Darius takes the stage and starts singing “Love.” And, yes, he’s the one. I clearly recognized that voice. Vivian, who was sitting on the side of the stage doing back ground vocals, immediately took her shoe off and threw it at him (hence the Flying Pumas section of my website). It was amazing.


For the record, that was a good night, as I met three of my closest NY friends. Even if Kateria did think I looked like “a mean ol’ Latino” when I first approached her. I love them all, dearly.


Darius Booker is a phenomenal singer, although he rarely allows himself to step into the spotlight. He knows every song ever recorded and could probably make the ingredient list to a box of cereal sound enticing (and sexy). Don’t try it though. I stumbled across this gem and thought that you, too, should be enticed by the gorgeous sounds of the man himself, Mr. Darius Booker.




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  1. August 17, 2010 1:36 PM

    yep – i love me some Darius. He’s my suga-pie! And so are you Riley-Land!


  2. August 17, 2010 3:20 PM

    Yep, yep! Shine Darius Shine. Absolutely love him for doing and arranging bgvs on my album! SupaDupa Love!

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