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Linney’s Big C

August 8, 2010

Despite the opening lines of her Wikipedia page – “… has won three Emmy Awards, a Golden Globe, and a Screen Actors Guild Award. She has been nominated for the Academy Award three times and once for the BAFTA Award.” – I have always felt that Laura Linney is an under-appreciated talent. And despite me feeling this way, I was have not really been too impressed with the trailers for her new Showtime series, The Big C. I had a feeling it would be one of those shows I’d stick around and watch after it’s lead-in, Weeds, went off, but I wouldn’t really pay attention. And then I watched the pilot. I loved it. Like she tells “Nancy Botwin” in the latest commercial, “you get me.” I get her. And I love her.

Playing a character coming to terms with the inevitability of her own death, Linney is alternatively brazen, bold and brave in one scene and reserved, quiet and scared in the next. It takes a lot for those dramatic shifts in character and Linney is the perfect choice. Whether bursting into her rude neighbor’s house, unannounced and in her bathrobe, to put her in her place or repeatedly trying to tell her family about her situation… she excels.

With a supporting cast including the always-enjoyable Oliver Platt and Oscar-nominated Gabourey Sibide (and soon to include the very definition of tall, dark and handsome, Idris Elba, she’s certainly got a nice group of background players. I just wish Showtime knew how to market this show better.

I really enjoyed the episode. Watch it and let me know. Will it become our new favorite?

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