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John Jones Shines Right Where He Is

August 4, 2010

Have you ever met someone on Facebook or twitter who told you he/she was a painter/writer/ singer/something creative and you believed him or her and then was cannonballed in the face with a couple dozen eggs? Yeah, that’s happened to me before too. And from that exerience, joseph became a very untrusting guy. I don’t speak on others’ behalf just because I know them anymore. If they are good, I will go the extra proverbial mile, but that is only after I know what I am saying is true.

So… when I met this guy on twitter, let’s call him @johnjoneschi, and he told me he was a singer, I was like… okay and moved on. He lived in Chicago and I had no plans to go there, so I wouldn’t be seeing any shows, so I really didn’t pay a lot of attention. Musically, that is. We still talked via twitter often. Fast forward a year and a half maybe. He sends me a copy of his CD. I listen. I am intrigued. I listen again. I am impressed. I decide to share with you. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the short story of of how I came to write this post.

John Jones
Shine Right Where You Are

The complete project is available at CD Baby and iTunes. John JonesShine RIght Where You Are takes about 37 different genres of music, throws them into a blender, adds a little attitude, throws in a Mac and presses play. What comes out is… a perfect CD to listen to before and after the club. The first part of the disc is a raucous party-inspired good time that will get you hyped up for an evening out (especially “Fruit at the Bottom” which I haven’t yet played for my friend Mikel, but once he hears it, he will proclaim it to have “a good gay beat,” and that will be the go-to any time he is near my iTunes.) Time your arrival so you’ll get to your destination about halfway through the disc. Then, when you come back out, you’ll get the softer side, the one that works a nice groove, the one that encourages you to wind down, all the while still telling the story you want to hear.

What also impressed me is that Jones made this album on his Mac. Completely “Do It Yourself,” Jones put in some serious work and for that extra work, he gets extra credit. He even took the album photos on Photo Booth, people! John, call Apple; you might get one of their viral ad campaigns.

Okay, so I gave you the link to go buy the album. You can listen to snippets on CD Baby. This isn’t a request. LOL… go check him out.

*** UPDATE ***
I’m excited: after reading my review, John sent me the link for his brand spankin’ new video. So new, in fact, that it I was the first person to watch it on Youtube. You could say that this is a kitchensofa exclusive. In fact, that’s exactly what it is. Get in. He’s planning to release the video on Saturday but gave me permission to include it in the post as a sneak…

With that, ladies and gentlemen, the worldwide premiere, on the sneak attack… John Jones’ “Karma Kinda Luv“!!!


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