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Nu Music: Marsha Ambrosius

August 2, 2010

Well it’s about damn time. Marsha Ambrosius has been promising us a CD for about 378 years and finally – finally – there’s a release date and a lead single. October 26, 2010 is the magic day and the lead single, “Hope She Cheats on You (With A Basketball Player),” can be listened to/downloaded below. Now… I do need to point of that Ms. Ambrosius really never says that she “hope[s] she cheats on you (with a basketball player).” Instead she says that she “hopes she CHEAT on you (with a basketball player),” which I find infinitely more interesting. It’s kind of like when Alicia Keys sang, “If I was your wo-man” instead of “If I were your wo-man.” Except different.

In any event, the song is catchy and the topic interesting enough that she should get radio play. The six Grammy nominations probably will help, but I could be wrong. I cannot lie: I am a fan of that voice and as soon as I heard it coming through my speakers, I was sold. Couple that with what really is a good song and you’ve got a happy me.

Give it a listen. If you like, go download it. Let me know what you think. The CD, by the way, is titled Late Nights & Early Mornings.

“Hope She Cheats on You (With A Basketball Player)”
Click here to download.

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