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KimNicky Vamps For Her Fans

June 25, 2010

Watching a KimberlyNichole show is like watching an episode of True Blood. She vamps around the stage, giving an over the top performance that ends way too soon.


Now, I will admit: KimberlyNichole (or, KimNicky as she goes by on Twitter) is a good friend of mine; my play little sister. So… yes, I am a bit biased. But… I also know good music. And KimNicky’s live performance is astounding. The girl steps onstage and owns it. Her performances, though stripped down due to the shallowness of her independent artist pockets, surpasses expectations of the uninitiated and still manages to leave her “regulars” feel as though they didn’t pay enough for the show they got. When she hits the stage, you get drama and lots of it. Instead of the outrageous sets that give, say a Gaga or Ke$ha their cache, KimNicky relies only on her voice, which comes at you like a gale-force wind, slightly salty, slightly sweet.


At her re-release show for The Yellow Brick Journey, in which she added three songs and re-titled YBJ Reloaded, KimNicky attacked the Joe’s Pub stage and gave her adoring audience exactly what they were looking for. She stepped onto the stage to a crowd waiting with baited breath. Literally. The crowd came for a show and were sitting there like a cat ready to pounce: they just needed Kim to give them a reason. And she did. Try that turquoise ballgown/tutu she wore as she sauntered onstage. Try that patented KimNicky look of wanton ennui she throws across the room, as she reaches the end of a verse. Try the gut-wrenching, chill bump-inducing wail she emits as the sheer power of her singing makes her fall to the floor, clutching the microphone as it’s her only lifeline. Try that saucy tongue she shows when she pulls back and says a few words to the crowd. Yeah, that KimNicky, she definitely teases the audience.


And, just like that, the show was over. She sang plenty of songs. She only has one full-length album. But the audience clearly wanted some more. I compared her shows to watching an episode of True Blood in the first paragraph for a reason – they’re appropriately lengthy, but feel like they last mere minutes.


See Kim in action as she tackles “Little Girl New” off the YBJ Reloaded album for the first time live in NYC.



Oh, and click here to go listen to the newest single, “Crash and Burn.” Let me be clear: click the link; listen to the song. The more hits that page gets, the better shot she has of getting the song to radio. Get it? Got it. Good.

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  1. Alliecat permalink
    June 25, 2010 5:04 PM

    I need a do over show!!! That was a hot-a$$ show!! As all of Kim’s shows are!!!

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