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Gaby’s Mom’s Got Talent

June 16, 2010

Alice Tan Ridley: aka Gabourey Sidibe‘s mom, gives me inspiration. The woman has been singing in NYC’s subway for the past twenty years and still has not given up on chasing after her dreams. Her daughter was plucked out of obscurity and cast in one of the most critically-acclaimed films of the past few years, garnering a Lead Actress Oscar nomination along the way. Her daughter’s success, according to what I understood from the pre-performance package they aired Tuesday night on America’s Got Talent, has neither fueled nor quenched her own thirst for success. She came across as humble, funny and a pretty damn good singer. I won’t base my full opinion on a short clip of her gravelly rendition of At Last, but I will say I am anxious to hear what she does next. Now, when does this show air? Just every Tuesday? Is it annoying? I do like that Sharon Osborne, but…

PS – Billie’s Black had Alice onstage in their first year, so kudos to them for recognizing talent before anyone else did.

Here, listen… what do you think?

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