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2010 Emmy Predictions/Hopes

June 4, 2010

With the 2010 Primetime Emmy nominations kicking into high gear today (the final ballots to narrow the list down to six contenders per category goes into effect), here is who I think could/should/might be nominated. Now, personally, I believe that some of these categories are wrong – Terry O’Quinn is a lead actor, but someone somewhere decided that he should enter the supporting category. So I stuck with that. Let me know what you think. Who am I missing? Who doesn’t deserve to be here?


Outstanding Drama Series

LOST – This was the final season of the much-beloved show, and even though it was part science fiction (which means it gets no awards love), Emmy voters could very easily go The Lord of the Rings here and award it for the entire run instead of just this season. Either way, it is deserving. My favorite TV program ever.

Treme – The slow-burn of this series is exactly why it deserves a spot on the list. The cast is amazing and the storylines are compelling. It reminds me of The Wire (it should; it’s from the same team), but hopefully it can avoid that show’s dismal showing awards-wise.

Mad Men– I don’t watch it, but Kateria says it’s great and they have momentum, coming off a win last year.

The Good Wife – The freshman drama is, quite simply put, a class act. Very well-made TV.

True Blood – The second season of this wildly addictive drama came so close to boiling over the top and making a huge mess – but always pulled back just in time. That’s talent.

Fringe Fringe isquite possibly the smartest show on TV right now. They, too, though are science fiction, so don’t get your hopes up for any recognition. Put on Thursday nights at 9, they were basically led to slaughter, but have somehow managed to pull in respectable numbers, giving FOX their highest-rated regular program in the timeslot. That, plus the intricate storytelling and fine acting suggests there’s a slight chance, so I will hold on to it!

clockwise (l-r): The Good Wife, LOST, True Blood, Fringe, Mad Men, Treme

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama

Juliana Margulies, The Good Wife – The only reason she wouldn’t get a nomination would be if they cancelled the awards. She’s a shoo-in.

Glenn Close, Damages – She’s Glenn Close. Plus, her Patty Hewes is one of the most multi-layered characters on TV today.

Anna Paquin, True Blood – At one point, Sookie was going the way of Meredith Grey and becoming the least interesting character on her own show, but last season Paquin stepped it up and reminded us why she has an Oscar on her mantle.

Regina King, Southland – Long overlooked as one of the best working actresses today, Southland has given King a chance to shine. Her layered performance of Detective Lydia Brown is the kind of role that invades actors’ dreams.

Kyra Sedgwick, The Closer – No one plays fidgety better. Part syrupy sweet lady from the south, part hard-as-nails cop, she’s a winner.

January Jones, Mad Men – I still don’t watch it, but her name is falling on everyone else’s list, so… here she is. No offense.

clockwise (l-r): Glenn Close, January Jones, Anna Paquin, Kyra Sedgwick, Juliana Margulies, Regina King

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama

Michael C. Hall, DexterDexter is not my favorite show, but a good one. Hall plays his role with equal doses of humor, menace and humility.

Matthew Fox, LOST – I always thought he was one of the weaker cast members, but in the final season, Fox’ Jack Shepard’s character came full-circle, from Man of Science to Man of Faith.

Keifer Sutherland, 24 – It was an uneven season for 24, but with this being the last, voters could easily throw Sutherland a bone. If they do, it’s fair and I support it.

Jon Hamm, Mad Men – Sorry, Kateria. I can’t speak on him. The fact that I’m including this show on the list, yet never have seen it speaks volumes. I am aware.

Timothy Olyphant, Justified – The new kid on the block, TV-wise, Olyphant takes yet another basic cable cop show and turns out a great performance. I would want him on my side in a fight.

Wendell Pierce, Treme – When the producers of The Wire started developing their new show, Treme, for HBO, they immediately dug into their old bag of tricks – and pulled out Pierce. Smart move. He plays the hell out of that role.

clockwise (l-r): Timothy Olyphant, Keifer Sutherland, Matthew Fox, Jon Hamm, Michael C. Hall, Wendell Pierce

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama

Probably the hardest category of all… there are so many deserving ones here who didn’t make the cut. I’d like to make a special acknowledgement of Oh and Wilson, from Grey’s Anatomy, both of whom have been nominated every season the show has been on the air. Neither has won. I’m guessing they cancel each other out. A shame. A tied win would be acceptable at this point.

Khandi Alexander, Treme – A very underplayed role for Ms. Alexander continues an exemplary career with the exception of CSI: Miami, but who’s mad that she wanted to get paid? Now, she’s back to acting.

Archie Panjabi, The Good Wife – One of the reasons The Good Wife has steadily climbed in the ratings, fan favorite Kalinda does whatever she wants whenever she wants. Who doesn’t want to be her? Or at least hang out with her?

Chloe Sevigny, Big Love – I’m going with the theory that if you’re second wife, you become supporting. Sevigny’s Nicki is complicated, having been married off at thirteen and giving birth soon thereafter. As the season progressed, she saw herself in that daughter (who had been living with the father and his other wives) and tried desperately to save her from traveling down the same road. Her scenes were breath-taking.

Yunjin Kim, LOST – She is still deserving for that helicopter scene back in season 4. Her two season-long quest to find Jin was heartbreaking, but the final scenes with them on the sinking submarine were almost spirit-breaking.

Chandra Wilson, Grey’s Anatomy – If for no other reason that the scene in the season finale when the crazed gunman pulled her from under the bed and aimed a gun at her, asking if she was a surgeon, Wilson earned this award. We wouldn’t have had that collective pit in our stomachs had the role of Dr. Miranda Bailey wasn’t the soul of the show. And that is due to Wilson.

Sandra Oh, Grey’s Anatomy – Oh can convey more with a slight facial expression than most actors can with their entire bodies. She is a pro. And should be getting Oscar nominations as well.  I’m just saying.

clockwise (l-r): Sandra Oh, Archie Panjabi, Khandi Alexander, Yunjin Kim, Chandra Wilson, Chloe Sevigny

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama

John Noble, Fringe – Noble’s strong performance as Walter and his “over there” version, the Walternate, has captured the attention of critics everywhere. Giving us bumbling professor/scientist who had pieces of his brain removed in one scene and then vengeful leader of a police state in the next. He went from great to brilliant this season.

Michael Emerson, LOST – As always, LOST’s Man of Mystery kept us on our toes this season. Was he going to end up being good after all? Was he just as evil as Smokey? Who the hell is Ben Linus? Emerson, as always, elevated any scene he was in and that’s a strong statement for a show with as talented a cast as LOST.

Terry O’Quinn, LOST – He is clearly a leading actor, but he’s on the list as supporting so I will leave it at that. Even dead, he commanded the screen all season long as he portrayed LOST’s smoke monster/physical embodiment of evil with such fervor that he goes down in history as one of the all-time great TV characters.

John Goodman, Treme – His railing against the government in the trailer for Treme is what made me turn the show on in the first place. Great performance.

Josh Holloway, LOST – Honestly, season 5 was more the Season of Sawyer, but with Juliette’s death, Holloway was given – and played – the material that Emmy reels are made of.

Chris Noth, The Good Wife – He may be Mr. Big, but Noth has quickly gotten plenty of new fans playing Peter Florrick, the cheating politician who’s scandal started the whole series.

clockwise (l-r):Josh Holloway, John Noble, Terry O’Quinn, Michael Emerson, John Goodman, Chris Noth

Outstanding Comedy Series

The New Adventures of Old Christine – It was cancelled, but dammit, this show is hilarious. I mean, laugh-out-loud, pause-the-TV-so-you-can-wipe-your-eyes-and-catch-your-breath, send-a-tweet-and-text-your-friends-so-others-can-get-in-on-it, funny.

Modern Family – I am not impressed, but everyone else in America is. This isn’t a Mad Men situation; I watched 3 episodes. And hated them all. BUT… it’s hard to ignore the buzz.

Glee – At first I mocked it – TV has long tried to come up with a musical that worked. They all failed. And I said I told you so. So when FOX announced last spring that they had come up with a High School Musical-esque show to come on after American Idol, I laughed. But, it drew me – and 15 million or so others – in and we stayed. It’s smart, well-acted, well-sung (most of the time), well-choreographed show.

30 Rock – They never miss; it’s always firing on all cylinders. Besides, who doesn’t love a Tina Fey acceptance speech?

The Big Bang Theory – Season 3 brought millions of new viewers, even more critical acclaim and the lead-off spot in CBS’ new Thursday night next year. Somebody’s doing something right.

Nurse Jackie – The darkest comedy out there (well, maybe Weeds fills that role, but their last season wasn’t their best) should pick up a nomination despite the inexplicable dumping of fan favorite Mo-Mo. It’s a very, very good show.

clockwise (l-r): 30 Rock, Nurse Jackie, The Big Bang Theory, Glee, The New Adventures of Old Christine, Modern Family

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy

Lea Michele, Glee – A phenomenal singer, Michele gets a lot of screen time. And that’s not a bad thing. We love the neurotic, self-obsessed, Tracy Flick-like teenager and cannot wait to see what she does next.

Courtney Cox, Cougar Town – Long overlooked as Friends’ Monica, it’s time that Cox gets a nomination. And, honestly, an award. People flocked to this show based on her star power and you have all seen the ratings.

Edie Falco, Nurse Jackie – I root for a drug addict. That is all.

Toni Collette, United States of Tara – She plays 349 characters. It’s work. She’s a great actress. I’m not mad.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus, The New Adventures of Old Christine – No one plays clueless better. Not even Suzanne Summers at the height of Three’s Company. I hated Seinfeld, but Louis-Dreyfus created a character that I love, adore, would hang out with whenever she wants. I’ll bring the wine.

Tina Fey, 30 Rock – She is one of the funniest women ever born. At least one of the funniest who have managed to get cast on a TV show, get promoted and then get to create her own TV show and cast herself in the lead. Which was a smart thing to do. Because, again, she’s one of the funniest women ever born.

clockwise (l-r): Toni Collette, Tina Fey, Courtney Cox, Edie Falco, Lea Michele, Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy

Matthew Morrison, Glee – He keeps the kids in line and Glee is sure to pick up nominations. He’s the lead. Go.

Alec Baldwin, 30 Rock – Ha! Like he wouldn’t be listed. Go ahead and give him the award.

Steve Carell, The Office – I don’t get it. But others do. He’s here because his name is Steve Carell. Apparently that carries weight.

Jim Parsons, The Big Bang Theory – Watch the show; you’ll understand.

David Duchovny, Californication – He does horny so well.

Tony Shalhoub, Monk – Not a fan, but he’s won 3 Emmys already for the role. He’ll be on the list again this year.

clockwise (l-r): Alec Baldwin, David Duchovny, Jim Parsons, Steve Carell, Matthew Morrison, Tony Shalhoub

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy

Jane Lynch, Glee – Indelible. That’s the best way to describe Sue Sylvester. Lynch, a veteran character actress, has played a billion and one people in her lifetime, but here she finds her career-defining role. She could SO play Wile E. Coyote in a live-action version of the cartoon.

Vanessa Williams, Ugly Betty – Go ahead and give her the damn Emmy already. She’s Wilhelmina Slater.

Busy Phillips, Cougar Town – She’s loud and brash and funny. I’m not that big a fan of the show, but I do like Phillips’ character. She would probably bring her own wine to that party I’m having with Old Christine.

Merritt Wever, Nurse Jackie – She so goofy. Which works in this dark and twisty comedy. We need her silliness. Give us more! And while you’re at it, I could handle more of Anna Deveare Smith’s hospital administrator as well!)

Jane Krakowski, 30 Rock – We forget how great the supporting cast on 30 Rock is. Krakowski plays the neurotic diva perfectly.

Amber Riley, Glee – Someone from Glee’s massive supporting cast (besides Jane Lynch) might make the list and I’m betting on Riley. Her Mercedes has a big voice, but a strong storyline, as she joins the Cheerios and tries to lose weight, as she dates Puck, the troublemaker and as she sang her heart out (Bust Your Windows) when she thought she was in love with the gay guy.

clockwise (l-r): Jane Lynch, Merritt Weaver, Amber Riley, Busy Phillips, Jane Krakowski, Vanessa Williams

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy

Michael Urie, Ugly Betty – SO underrated. Urie’s Marc St. James could have easily have had a spin-off with Becki Newton’s Amanda Tanen. And we would have watched. His performances as he helped Betty’s teenage nephew feel comfortable with coming out of the closet were spectacular. The supporting cast on this show was amazing. Urie is long overdue.

Neil Patrick Harris, How I Met Your Mother – He is everyone’s go-to when it comes to hosting awards shows. Now, give him his own. Award that is, not awards show.

Tracy Morgan, 30 Rock – It’s hard playing someone that stupid.

Jack McBrayer, 30 Rock – Yes, it is.

Eric Stonestreet, Modern Family – Still, hate the show. But, he’s the closest thing to a bright spot. They’ll all get nominations. My feeling is that he’s got the best chance at a win.

Chris Colfer, Glee – Colfer’s Kurt slowly came out of the closet and then quickly embraced his long-held-back gayness. And we’re better for it. Does anyone shoot off one-liners like this guy?

clockwise (l-r): Michael Urie, Tracy Morgan, Neil Patrick Harris, Eric Stonestreet, Chris Colfer, Jack McBrayer

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  1. noassemblyreqrd permalink
    June 15, 2010 7:12 PM

    For me, Modern Family is the best show of this season, and among the best comedies of any season. I’ve seen every episode several times. My sister was visiting, and I insisted that she watch three episodes. She did, and she hated them. I was taken aback because I respect her opinion. She later watched several more episodes, and now is hooked. The three episodes that she watched were early in the season. The positive and upbeat tone of the show wasn’t as readily apparent early on. Also, I’m guessing that it’s easy on a casual viewing to blur the Ed O’Neil character in Married With Children with his character on Modern Family. The two characters are very dissimilar. My sister’s initial reaction was that the humor is “mean.” It simply is not. Modern Family has none of the negative humor of many other shows that substitute a series of mean put-downs for jokes. But, Modern Family isn’t sugary nice either. The children are normal kids who bicker and prank. The adults have faults that we all have seen in ourselves and others. The issues are not contrived, but still serious. When Gloria is called a “gold digger” for marrying the wealthy patriarch, the tension is real. How do you deal with a conflict that could irrevocably split family members? The answer: the family members all push each other fully clothed into a swimming pool, and then splash, play and make a clear statement that it’s family above all else. If only we could push some world leaders into a swimming pool. For me, Modern Family is laugh-out-loud funny. Every word is a gem. For my sister, it’s now also her favorite show. When you say you “hate” the show, I’m reminded of my sister. Try it a couple more times, and you may reconsider.

    • June 22, 2010 8:23 AM

      I have been meaning to reply to this… i get what you’re saying… but… maybe I will give them another try next year. I just could not enjoy this show. I think it’s so overrated. I know I am in the minority here.

  2. Loafof permalink
    June 22, 2010 1:13 AM

    The lack of Breaking Bad in your list is laughable!
    Mainly because it points to the fact you don’t watch the best show (and best acted one) on TV.

    • June 22, 2010 8:22 AM

      I sure don’t. I tried… I didn’t get into it. I see it on a lot of other people’s lists, so clearly there’s support for the show; it just does nothing for me. Granted, if you look at my list and see numerous mentions for Treme, you also know that I’m throwing out the shows that I believe in moreso than the ones I think will actually get nominations. I don’t expect this list to mirror the one the Emmys puts out.

      That being said, thanks for reading… even if you did laugh at me. =)

  3. Jamila permalink
    July 6, 2010 12:36 AM

    A little disappointed that Keir Gilchrist (Marshall on US of Tara) didn’t get a nod. Gilchrist has done a phenomenal job in a subtle way while Chris Colfer (Glee) is sort of expected. Sure, a kid in Topeka, Kansas who suffers like Kurt on Glee is feeling 100% better about himself. But what I love about the writers on US of Tara is that someone on that team finally stood up and said that there is not one type of gay boy, especially a teenager who’s usually knee-deep in self discovery, which is captured excellently in Marshall’s character. But Gilchrist’s performance is made for the movies maybe and just to multi-layered for TV.

    • July 6, 2010 12:47 AM

      Valid point. I cannot lie… I never considered Keir Gilchrist when making the list. His storyline is multi-layered and he’s done an admirable job of portraying the character. That being said, he won’t get nominated. Not when you have Chris Colfer from Glee and Mark Indelicato frm Ugly Betty both playing a similar character in a more showy manner. And, for the record, Indelicato’s coming out scenes as Ugly Betty’s Justin were some of my favorite from the 2009-2010 season.
      But, again, you’re right. Gilchrist did a great job.

  4. kateria permalink
    July 6, 2010 12:02 PM

    Man you love you some TV…I never met anyone who loves it more than me! Thanks for the Madmen shout out…that is my show but I am dismayed that you don’t love Modern Family as much as I do…That show, How I Met Your Mama and Big Bang Theory are the funniest shows on television…never a dull moment.
    And Fringy???? LOVE IT and hopefully an Emmy will bring it some glory if they’re nominated. I have to admit…I HATE AWARDS SHOWS!! I won’t watch, so lemme know how your predictions did.
    Luv ya. Don’t change.

    • July 6, 2010 12:34 PM

      i love TV. It is my favorite medium. They allow characters to grow and develop in a way movies can’t. You’ll notice that I prefer shows that have strong character development (like Treme & LOST). And I adore Fringe… and have finally gotten into Big Bang bc my sister loves it.

  5. July 29, 2010 6:13 PM

    I know i’m like a month late but i just read this so i figured i’d throw in my two cents as well.
    1st: i don’t know a lot about dramas (really I just watch Lost – also flashforward and v this year which aren’t exactly emmy material). I have tried to watch mad men and, though it does garner critical acclaim, i’m really not into it. i don’t care about the characters and there isn’t much in the way of plot so i’m just not sure. i definitely think lost is fantastic and would love to see it win the emmy.
    2nd: too much glee love! i’m sorry, i enjoy glee, but amber riley? have you seen her act? she is not good. her voice is pretty good – personally i’m team rachel on their little ‘diva-off’ that happens whenever they need plot filler. if anyone else in the supporting actress race i would’ve picked dianna agron. she had meatier plot and acted it better. as well as matt morrisson – who did actually get a nom. he’s an ok actor, but i just think there are others who are more deserving (which i’ll talk about later).
    3rd: you don’t like modern family?!?! i respect your opinion – but i do not understand it! modern family has fantastic writing/acting, which is more than glee can say (their writers are very bad and their cast is only partly good – we’re looking at you Cory Monteith). i understand if it isn’t your style, but modern family, in my eyes, was THE most consistently funny/uplifting comedy on tv this year. where 30 rock makes bad stereotype jokes modern family looks at the funny happenings of everyday life.
    4th: no community? wondering if maybe you didn’t watch it? if you didn’t – do it! it’s hilarious and sweet and funny and it’s cast can only be rivalled by that of modern family. joel mchale easily deserved a nom over matt morrison/tony shalhoub and in my eyes alec baldwin. (you know how you feel about modern family? that’s how i feel about 30 rock. especially baldwin. i do love tina fey though). danny pudi could’ve replaced jon cryer and alison brie instead of holland taylor/kristen wiig. then there’s chevy chase (who i hated before watching community, but now love), donald glover (who makes lines that i don’t think are funny hilarious by his hand gestures alone, and has the best relationship ever with danny pudi’s character), gillian jacobs (not sure if she submitted in lead or supporting – but she’s fantastic either way), yvette nicole brown (“that’s nice” has never been so funny). it should’ve had more nominations than it did.
    5th: steve carell has got to win this year! i love jim parsons (granted it is not as good as community/modern family and possibly not even glee) and i would be happy with a parsons win, but if alec wins again this year i may vomit. steve has historic comic timing and has made michael scott an icon. how has he not been awarded with an emmy?! so either jim or steve this year.
    6th: i have never seen united states of tara or nurse jackie. so i really shouldn’t say this. but i really don’t think they deserve their noms.. especially not nurse jackie in outstanding comedy. maybe if it was a slow year, but other shows like big bang and community both deserved that spot so much more.
    the only ones i’d really be disappointed to see win are 30 rock and mad men. i will defend my reasoning now:
    30 rock: i watched the first 2 seasons in full, possibly the third as well. whatever season they’re on now i tried to watch but i had to stop at the valentine’s day episode. honestly i almost never laugh at the show and i often just feel bad after watching it. i like to feel light and uplifted during my comedy’s. it doesn’t do it for me. i still feel it would’ve been insanely lucky to win once let alone the awards mayhem it’s been given the last little while.
    mad men: i have watched probably about half of season one. and it’s dull! the characters are incredibly boring and the plot is non-existant. i feel it gets awarded solely based on the fact that they dress the way they do. (period pieces are bait. combine that with matthew weiner? others don’t stand a chance!)
    another one i’d be disappointed with is glee. mainly because the second half of the season was bad. and i really want rmurphz to be punished for that. they need to understand that their show is not all that great. the music and the triple threat of lea michele, chris colfer, and jane lynch are the only parts that make it great.
    finally: noticed your treme love. want to tell me what the show’s about? i’ve heard only good things and am currently on the hunt for new dramas now that my beloved lost is over.
    anyways sorry for the length. i am a tv addict and it’s seeming like you are too!

    • July 29, 2010 6:55 PM

      I’m a fan of different opinions. That’s why I get along with my Republican friends. So, feel free to share. Thank you for reading… I just read your site as well. A few responses:

      1. I haven’t watched every show on TV. This isn’t my job, so I spend time on things I enjoy. My predictions/hopes were just that: a mixture of both. I HOPED Treme would get love. I PREDICTED that Glee would. Just wanted to clarify.

      2. Nurse Jackie is a comedy. A dark comedy, but a comedy nonetheless. And, it’s hilarious.

      3. 30 Rock did have its least-exciting year. That being said, it still got plenty of accolades from the NATAS.

      4. I have watched a lot of Modern Family since it debuted, especially after people kept asking why I didn’t like it. I still don’t. I don’t find it funny at all.

      5. LOST is the greatest show ever written, ever cast, ever acted, ever directed, ever produced. Ever.

      6. I think I said that Matthew Morrison would get a nomination because Glee would make a grand sweep. They received 19 nominations. Seems pretty much like a grand sweep to me. I personally like Amber Riley. Again, opinions.

      7. Treme is about life in New Orleans immediately following Katrina. It’s about the characters, not some grand plot-driven arcs. I have a whole story about Treme. Check it out. It is a very good, very intelligent show.

      8. I have never seen Community. I will check it out.

      Thanks for reading, again.

      • July 29, 2010 8:34 PM

        hi again! maybe you’re not looking for a follow-up follow-up reply, but i have a strange and intense passion for talking about television, so i’m going to give it to you anyways! ha ha.
        1: sorry if it came off like i was saying some of your predix were less than genius. i understand that some were just hopes.. and i do understand the glee sweep theory – one that turned out to be correct.
        2: maybe i will have to watch nurse jackie. i’m still not sold on it. possibly on a slow day.
        3: yes, 30 rock is a little critical darling. i will never understand that.. but i will admit you are right on that front.
        4: we will just have to agree to disagree on the mod fam front! we all have different humor.
        5: glad to meet a fellow lostie! i wholeheartedly concur that there will never, ever be a show better than lost, nor has there ever been. and after that finale where they wrapped it up so well, but left some stuff to the imagination? genius.
        7: hm.. the premise of treme doesn’t get me pumped, i won’t lie. being from canada, it gets a bit tiring hearing about the katrina thing in every possible way. however, i do love character stories more than i love most things. is it episodic or is it one big story? (would i have to start from the beginning or would it be easy enough to jump in to?)
        8: watch community. definitely.

        anyways, wondering if you will do a who will win/who should win post before the emmy’s? i would gladly give you all my opinions on that too if you did :). unfortunately the blog of mine that you looked at is failing pretty miserably (no readers 😦 ), but i’d be more than willing to share my opinions here! ha. i’m sure you’d just love that. anyways sorry for my always poor capitalizing/grammar (your post made me feel bad) but i write lots and i don’t love spending tons of time writing it so you know. something’s got to suffer. anyways thanks for the article/the reply and other such things. i must be off!

      • July 29, 2010 8:53 PM

        ha! thanks!


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