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Alias Redux?

May 28, 2010

the many faces of Sydney Bristow

Someone at ABC is contemplating a reboot of J.J. AbramsAlias. As soon as the news hit the web this morning, the possibility of Sydney Bristow and crew rejoining has spread like crazy. Part of me says, “yes!!!!” The other part is adamant that they leave one of my favorite TV shows of all time alone.

I have a thousand questions. Will we have the same characters? The same cast? Would we pick up where we left off or is this a literal restart? According to the reports, the new show would not delve into the dense mythology of the Rambaldi prophecy that the original did, so what kind of show would it be? Would it still have some mythology involved? Or would they water it down and make it a typical procedural like everything on CBS? Is it too soon to do a remake? Does it make sense? Okay… that was seven. Call me and I will give you the other 993.

But… the biggest issue for me is… does Jennifer Garner want back in? And if she doesn’t, who the hell could step into her shoes? I think… no one. What do you think?

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