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Yahz Goes Vintage 80s with Why Dontcha Call Me No More Video

May 19, 2010

I just officially got my life.

Yahzarah proves why she has such a loyal following with the brilliant video for her current single, Why Dontcha Call Me No More? off her new album, The Ballad of Purple Saint James. The opening sequence is so reminiscent of a cartoon from my childhood, I had to turn to Google (where I found that she did an homage to the cartoon character Jem), yet it also gives me Saved by the Bell‘s opening sequence, as “Yahz” and her cohorts wink at the camera, acknowledging the cheesiness; reveling in it, actually.

As we turn to the main event, director Matt Koza embraced a full-on 80s vibe, complete with hot pink hair, a straight-up punk attitude, an entire cast rocking vintage garb and insta-background dancers as Yahz and the object of her consternation walk down a path in what I am assuming is a DC park. Mixed in are intergalactic backdrops, synth beats, every neon color every created, leather hotpants, you name it. Honestly, Lady Gaga would be proud. Check it out:

And, the Jem opening sequence:

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  1. May 20, 2010 5:09 PM

    Yes, everyone in the video was getting their whole entire lives as well! LOL. Well done I say. Most entertaining, I do really like the song 🙂

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