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Where in the World is The Ballad of Purple Saint James?

May 14, 2010

Yahzarah: The Ballad of Purple Saint James

Yahzarah‘s latest release, The Ballad of Purple Saint James, is the most-searched topic on my site. I offered a free download of one of her singles a few weeks ago and people went crazy. Yahzarah, my friend, you are a popular girl. I’m so proud of you.

I met Yahzarah when she did a show at The Shrine in Harlem… it was more than a year ago; probably less than two years. I don’t really recall. What I do remember was that her stage presence was startling. She is like that proverbial stick of dynamite: an amazing punch of power stuffed into such a tiny space. After the show, I was compelled to tell her how much I enjoyed the performance. She gave me a copy of her EP, The Prelude, and in doing so asked me to pay it forward. Since, that is exactly what I have been trying to do. For those who read my site and do not know who Yahzarah is, get in the know. I have never steered you wrong, so why would I now? This young lady is talented beyond words and will soon become a household name. Get on the shuttle before she takes off.

Since people keep searching for her, here is what’s most important: ways to cop that new album. Taken directly from the Foreign Exchange‘s website, a list (with links) to the stores that are carrying BPSJ. If you’re smart, you’ll go get one today. Or, I’ll give you the weekend to make it happen. But do it; don’t play. This album has been hailed by critics as one of 3 must-haves for 2010 (Erykah Badu’s New Amerykah, Part II: Return of the Ankh and Sade’s Soldier of Love are the other two – although one could easily throw Janelle Monae’s The ArchAndroid onto the list as well). There’s little doubt in my mind that if I were making a Top 10 list for 2010, all would appear.

Now, back to the topic at hand, and places you get purchase Yahzarah’s new project:

“For your convenience, we have put together a comprehensive list of physical and digital music retailers that carry The Ballad Of Purple Saint James. The list is as complete as possible and will be updated frequently. If you have a hard time finding the album in your area, please don’t hesisate to leave a comment and/or to contact us via email, so that we can help you find your copy.

As always, thank you very much for your support!”


CD version:

+FE Music Store

Access Hiphop San Diego, CA
Amoeba Music Hollywood, CA | San Francisco, CA | Berkeley, CA
Best Buy Select stores
Bull Moose Select stores
Dimple Records
Dusty Groove Chicago, IL
Ear-X-Tacy Louisville, KY
Earshot Greenville, SC
Easy Street Records Seattle, WA
The Electric Fetus Minneapolis, MN | Duluth, MN | St. Cloud, MN
Everyday Music Portland, OR | Beaverton, OR | Seattle, WA | Bellingham, WA
Fat Beats New York, NY | Los Angeles, CA
Independent Records Colorado Springs, CO | Denver, CO | Pueblo, CO
J&R Music New York, NY
Jaz Sounds Philadelphia, PA
Manifest Charlotte, NC | Columbia, SC
Melody Record Shop Washington DC
Moods Music Atlanta, GA
Music Millenium Portland, OR
Newbury Comics Select stores
Other Music New York, NY
Rasputin Music Select stores
Salzers Records Ventura, CA
Silver Platters Seattle, WA | Bellevue, WA
Streetlight Records San Francisco, CA | San Jose, CA | Santa Cruz, CA
The Sound Garden Baltimore, MD
Sound Shop Atlanta, GA | Oxford, AL | McComb, MS | Biloxi, MS
Twist And Shout Denver, CO
UGHH Boston, MA
Waterloo Records & Video Austin, TX

Digital version:

+FE Music Store


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