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Lydia Caesar’s (Acoustic) Summer Vacation

April 21, 2010

Lydia Caesar

Lydia Caesar, that “Rock-n-B chick,” has just re-released what she’s referring to as a “buzz single” off of her soon-to-be-released debut album, Electric Love Garden. Last summer she had the song – Summer Vacation – making the rounds as a free download and Soulspazm Records fell in love. They approached Caesar about allowing them to work their magic and help her with a re-release for this summer. From the looks of things, Summer Vacation, which was produced by The Beatbanggahz,  got the tentpole position, leading off their summer slate. Caesar agreed, plans were made, an acoustic version of the song was mastered and BAM! there it is.

From our twitter conversation (she goes by… @LydiaCaesar; easy to remember. Follow her now.), even though the record company liked Summer Vacation last year, logic had it being released when the mercury started rising. Which makes sense; anybody who can’t recognize that symbolism, please turn off the computer and go enroll in a Literature class.

Ironically, Summer Vacation gets the acoustic treatment and immediately becomes a perfect song for the summer; typically a song needs an inspired track and a heavy base line to get that kind of statement. I guess I just expressed a pretty strong view of Caesar’s voice: it’s clear, it’s concise and it draws me in. I have listened to the song probably 8 times already today. Clearly, it is one of my new favorite songs.

Summer Vacation, Lydia Caesar

Click here to test drive the song, in all its renditions. In the process you will be supporting an independent artist who deserves the love. Caesar has been honing her craft for years – I remember her performing at the first showcase I went to after moving to NYC. She’s never sounded better.

To hear the full acoustic version: go here. No, seriously. Click the link. WordPress tracks it when people click my links… and I want you to at least listen to the song. I’m serious.

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  1. April 21, 2010 8:25 PM

    I’m a huge fan of Lydia’s work and I love “Summer Vacation.” I’m (not-so-)patiently awaiting the release of “Electric Love Garden.”

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