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new music – JimiJames

February 16, 2010

JimiJames, diva extraordinaire

JimiJames works like a mad woman. Every time I turn around, she’s offering new downloads on twitter (@JimiJamesMusic). Just this morning, I downloaded what I expected to be a new song and got… 33 songs! A whole freakin’ mixtape! Now, had literacy been one of my strong suits, I would have noticed that the link said, “FALL IN LOVE mixtape (4<3rs)," which clearly indicates that there are multiple songs. Nevertheless, I was crazy excited when I opened iTunes and got a whole mix for my afternoon. Now, she's no idiot. She didn't record 33 new songs and release them for free… this is a mixtape. Remember those? A collection of baby-making classics, interlaced with her own exclusives. Check it out. But, be forewarned: you will wanna call your babydaddy, babymama, jumpoff friend to come over tonight. #facts.

(FYI – this link seems to work better with Safari than Firefox. I don’t know why, just trust me.)

– joseph riley land

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