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joe’s favorite things: Confirmations, by MiKA

December 17, 2010

This favorite things list of mine is a bit sporadic, but you’re all grown folks; you can handle it.

The next item on the list? Confirmations by MiKA. The disc came out just this past summer, as the Harlem-bred singer stepped out on faith and decided to make a real push for her singing career. I am so pleased to have been a part of the process (I did the album artwork). MiKA is genuinely one of the most positive forces I have met in my thirty-four years and deserves every bit of success this album brings her.

As for the music – because I’m not expecting you to scoop the project just because she’s a friend of mine – it’s really good. MiKA is a soul singer… but with a bit of a Caribbean vibe to her music. There aren’t any steel drums or Rastafarians coming in to do a verse or anything like that. Rather, her music has a laid-back feel; I could easily be listening to her album on any given beach and it would fit in.

ahhhh... MiKA and me after one of my shows!

I am specifically enamored with the track featuring Mic El, “Without You.” The first time I heard it live, I couldn’t get the song out of my head for a week. A week, I tell you. “Baby, I’m so stressed out with you. I’m so lost without you…”

So here’s how you can get your own MiKA album. Or, one for the music-lover you know. Hit this link and it will take you to iTunes. Once you get there, go ahead and listen to the tracks. You will understand why I love her so. Buy a copy. Scratch that. Buy two copies and share one with a friend. NO BOOTLEGGING; THIS IS HOW SHE PAYS HER RENT AND FEEDS HER CHILDREN. Not that you would; I just wanted to put it in your consciousness.

And with that, dear friends, I must be off. Seriously, go snatch that album though. You won’t regret it.


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